Switching from Drupal Commerce?

Switching from Drupal Commerce?

Do you have an aging Drupal Commerce website and in serious need of a fresh update with better functionality and customer engagement? No problem.

Drupal Commerce is a highly extensible framework however, and while we love Drupal for its capabilities, we often find it’s too complex for the average end user / client to operate, manage, or update. While Drupal Commerce for Drupal 8 is finally out and operational, it is not well suited for the mass market as Drupal itself has become a product geared towards enterprise (read: really big-budget) clients.

If you are interested in moving your ecommerce website away from your Drupal Commerce and want to have a modern, functional, much more very user-friendly and full service ecommerce website such as WooCommerce or Shopify website, we can make this happen.

As you can see in the above Google Trends chart, Shopify has taken the lead in search interest, followed by WooCommerce which is just as capable a product. Unfortunately, Drupal Commerce has lagged and hasn’t garnered mass adoption compared to the more popular mass market alternatives.

We start by reviewing your needs and help you select the right ecommerce software to help you achieve the best possible solution. We then review your existing Drupal Commerce site and export all the products and related data. We’ll likely spend the next week scrubbing and massaging your product data (correcting titles, descriptions, categories, etc.) and prepare it for migration into your new ecommerce website.

We’ll launch the site and provide training to you and your staff on how to use the new website, manage products, setup sales and inventory notifications, offer sales and promotions, coupon codes, everything.

We can usually perform all of this within 3-4 weeks, no matter how complex your Drupal website is.

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